Required Texts: Animal Liberation by Peter Singer
*Additional required readings will be posted on D2L

wolvesCourse Description: An inquiry into our relationship with nonhuman animals, while attending thoughtfully to the question of what, if any, moral duties are owed to these beings. The first four weeks of class will be spent surveying the mainstream approaches to animal ethics in philosophy including rights based, feminist, theological, and utilitarian approaches. The remainder of the course will focus on the specific issues concerning nonhuman animal use in agriculture, science, and entertainment. Throughout the course, we will continually ask which practices that involve the use of animals are we required to modify, or perhaps even renounce, if our aim is to treat these beings with moral respect. In pursuing the particular subject matter of animal ethics intensively, first year students will be furnished with the opportunity to think critically, challenge contemporary tendencies to overlook the animal, and freely express and develop moral judgments which apply directly to their everyday life choices and experiences.

Instructor: Cheryl E Abbate; cheryl.abbate@marquette.edu

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